We have already discuss much about the CCcam and in this post you can learn to setup or activate account /server with Openbox and Dreambox  to work on your just bought or on the old decoders. This will help the new users and old users and you can see the basic and relevant screenshots to understand in a detailed way. You will also read about the card sharing technology in this which will facilitate you to watch digital satellite channels using IP servers. The software and other things you need are mentioned below and you can do all this in no time when you go through this post.
CCcam Dreambox is the hardware you have to get which is powered by some instance of Linux Operating system and the software you have to get is sharing protocol called CCcam, which is in charge of setting up a connection with the CCcam server.

How To Activate CCcam Account with Dreambox Satellite Receiver

Dreambox Satellite Receiver Requirement for the activation of CCcam Account 

·         A well-matched HD Decoders such as Dreambox HD, Openbox s10, s11 or related to this
·         Network Cable having Rj-45 Plugs which can be used in connecting receiver to computer
·         Any 3G router or any other device which is equal to this.
·         A CCcam Account that will give you Cccam.cfg
·         Cross-over

Dreambox Satellite Receive Setup method of a CCcam Account 

1)      Connect DSL Internet line with Your Dreambox and go to blue panel by pressing blue button on remote.
2)      Go to add-ons > Cam and Select CCcam 2.0.11 Complete or latest For Download and then install it.
3)      Then Enable AUTO CAM, from blue the Panel.
4)      After this go to auto cam and change default cam to CCcam 2.0.11 or the latest which you have installed.
5)      Replace the CCcam.cfg which was sent to you in VAR/ETC.
6)      For this You Need to Ftp to Dreambox. Connect your Dreambox to your computer using a cross-over network cable having rj-45 plugs both sides.
7)      After Connecting Your Dreambox to Your Computer, Open LAN Card Properties > TCP/IP Protocol Properties > Put IP and subnet mask as and then Close the tabs.
8)      Now in Dreambox go to Menu > Setup
9)      Expert Setup > Communication...uncheck DHCP and put IP and same subnet mask. And save it.
10)   Open Internet Explorer and type
11)   Default Username: root Password: Dreambox, open vary folder then etc and replace or paste your CCam.cfg file.
12)   Then Plug the DSL internet line into Dreambox and go to Menu>setup>expert Setup>communication>Check DHCP and ENJOY Your Favorite Channels.

Now follow the steps to set CCcam account into Openbox s10:

1)      Download “cccam.cfg” file, overwrite the test account into it and save the changes.
2)      Add the cccam.cfg file to a USB Stick, do not zip the file, add it as is
3)      Go to Menu -> Network Local Settings and select CCcam Plug Setting and click the OK button
4)      select CCcam, cfg [CCcam Plug] and (this CCcam.cfg will be provided when you buy your CCcam Account/ server) click the OK button, you should then see a check mark or tick appear, indicating you have selected the file, if there is no tick shown, then you have not selected anything and nothing will be installed go over it and double check okay
5)      If there is no tick displayed, select CCcam.cfg [CCcam Plug] and click OK
6)      Once the tick is displayed, click the Yellow button. Now select CCcam Plug Setting and click the OK button.
7)      Select the First option “1. CCcam.cfg” and click the OK button.
8)      Now highlight each cline you wish to activate, by clicking the OK button, a tick box will appear next to each cline you have activated.
9)      Now check that your Network Settings are configured correctly
10)   If your router supports DHCP turn it ON and click Apply. If your router does not support DHCP you will be
11)   Required to set it up manually, click Apply once you have set it up correctly, it is recommended that you get a 3G router that supports DHCP
Now you can setup or activate your CCcam account /server with Openbox and Dreambox and you can enjoy best experience in audio and video, if you still have any questions you can comment below in our comments box we will shortly reply you the best answer. 

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  1. Good informative post about the Card Sharing Server activation using openbox and dreambox that will help the newbies as well as the experts. Your post is also covering a brief description over how the card sharing technology works. To make your dreambox, software like CCCam and your TV work along to make your card sharing server working, this step by step guide will really help you.

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