Here you can know all the specs of oculus rift VR headset, Oculus Rift Specs, Oculus Rift Specifications, specs of Oculus Rift,  oculus rift dk1 specs, oculus rift Amazon, specs of Rift, oculus specs and you can also compare this virtual reality headset with others before purchasing. Everyone is well aware of all virtual reality headsets and their feature but when we talk about the best and powerful Oculus rift specs then all the users can define it well. The system requirements in PC are 8GB+ RAM with Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output and 2x USB 3.0 ports and the platform is definitely Windows 7 or 8 containing Service Pack 1 or the latest version of it and it have connections of HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for multi purposes. By getting started the Oculus which is full three-dimensional virtual reality system has attracted all the gamers and the other software and game developers from the rest of the world. This Oculus rift VR headset has introduced the whole new level of gaming and movies to the current generation with the shocking virtual reality technology like other. In order to provide superior feature of first person gaming trial the specs of Rift contains the amazing technology of character viewport tracking.

 Best And Powerful Oculus Rift Specs Defined

Oculus Rift Price:

It is agreed by everyone that Oculus Rift price is slightly low that HTC Vive and it also lacks some of the functions as compare to the HTC Vive but you need not to worry because the thing is not added in Rift is just motion controllers. And talking about the price then it is accessible to everyone who is a well job holder earning more than average salary per month otherwise you can choose Google card board which less than $15.00. The price for VR headset of Oculus Rift is $600.00 and soon in the future it will go down due the high sale volume which is estimated by the economists. Everyone wants to experience the gaming and movie experience in a best and genetic way but for this sometime we need to spend money otherwise we can go for the other substitutes which are available in the market and at online shops. According to the price and quality rank then specifications of Oculus rift is on number second as HTC Vive has already taken the lead in this race.

Oculus Rift weight:

This may not be the hand gadget that you can carry it anywhere else you want to but talking about the weight of Oculus rift then this time it beats HTC Vive for weight because its total weight is just 470 grams with all the cables whereas the weight of vive is more than 550 grams without cables so there is a huge difference between both devices. The refresh rate for both devices is the same which is 90 Hz. This device is easy to handle and quite simple to configure and it does not require any additional space or messy wires in your room and you can fashionably put it around your laptop or desktop PC. It’s time to experience VR technology with Oculus rift specs and it is liked by all the users and are accessible everywhere you order online also if it is not available in your nearest market

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