Here you will get to about the upcoming Android phones and the difference between iPhone and Android phone, latest Android phone, Android applications, Android new version,  Android upgrade,  Android apps, free  Android apps. Smartphones has taken the technology to the very next level and communicating in real time via internet is a big cause of the successes for everyone here in this world. Well in this regard let’s talk about the huge comparison between the two most sold Android Phone and iPhone in the market. On purchasing new or used iPhone you face some gigantic problems like storage which supports 16 GB to 64 GB internal memory only whereas in Android phones from different companies has 16 GB internal and supports memory card slot which goes more than 64 GB. The other best part of Samsung phones, HTC phones, Huawei phones and LG phones which owns Android OS can replace batteries of one another of the same company whereas iOS does not allow these things to do. You can also easy download and share file, music, photos and any other thing with android to android smartphones whereas other OS does not allow these tasks and this is the reason people love this type of easy lifestyle.

The Huge Comparison Of Android Phone With iPhone

Best android music apps:

Android SDK is also very useful in many ways and Google play store has introduced tons of music apps which are absolutely free like Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and many others. Everyone likes to install and enjoy the free applications in their smartphones and we must thanks to all the android developers who have made so many apps absolutely free for us on Google app store once you get any smartphone having Android operating system then you need sign up with Google and then follow instruction to login at Google app store and the benefit is not only for free app but also you can directly click on the download button of Chrome browser and it will automatically download the clicked app for you even without touching your phone and it is a great source of time saving when you are at work. But for these additional apps you need some extra space in the form of micro SD card and also more than 8 GB internal space so that the updates of music apps can be easily placed in internal memory.

The Huge Comparison Of Android Phone With iPhone

New Android Phones in 2016:

Samsung, Huawei and M1 are doing great business and captivating the consumers’ minds because you can install countless free android apps which from thousands of categories like cooking apps, TV apps, exercise and yoga apps, image editor apps, movie editor apps are very few to mention here but there are many if you have seen. Android is leads of iPhone apps to develop more than it. In the upcoming Android phones there are many other enhancements and developments the world will see and the developers of this operating system are doing their best to transform the world. So it’s time for you to pick best Android phone and grab before anyone brags in front of you and you can also go for some low price phones which are very much available in the online and in the offline market  and enjoy the multi functions of them. 

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