Here you can get the important and compulsory  Oculus Rift System Requirements for your desktop PC for efficient function of this Oculus Rift System Requirements, Oculus Rift System specs, Oculus Rift System Requirements for desktop PC, Oculus Rift Requirements,  Oculus Rift consumer version VR headset. The virtual reality headset is in the very much in news these days and every one is talking about it. If you are very much keen interested or curious about your very own Oculus rift system requirements for your desktop PC then you are here at the right place to each and every thing in a very understandable way. Everyone wants to know before they get started with their new VR headset that what is so necessary to run smooth frame rate in high end games. Already the official website of Oculus has announced the required specs that must be available in all types of computers but nevertheless you can get more detailed and precise info right here, but if you already have these all then it is must for you to update tem once for efficient performance. Below the required specs mentioned that which should be present in computer:

NVIDIA or GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 or better graphic card
Your RAM (random access memory) must be more than 8 gigabytes
Intel i5-4590 comparable or the newer for central-processing-unit
Must have well-matched HDMI 1.3 video port
Windows 7 service pack 1 or the latest
2x USB 3.0 ports

Oculus Rift System Requirements For PC

Oculus rift as a best VR headset:

Comparing to other virtual reality headsets Oculus rift has amazing and effective specifications like no other. Gamers all over the world are taking full advantage if it and playing their all favorite games like no other system requirements of Oculus rift. This gadget has supersonic sound with crystal clear HD images that triple up the fun and viewing experience in an astonishing way and also it is larger than life even the game developers and film makers has praised it a lot and a futuristic device. The design and the outer looks of VR oculus rift are quite elegant that it looks like that you are wearing fashion stuff on your head. The three head straps ties in on three sides of you head that there is no chance of it to drop down even if you are running or moving so speedily. Other than this the size is equal and fits on all human heads and it weight is less than one pound and very easy to carry and wear with the built-in connected headphones in it so that you may not go for other extra electronic accessory. 

How to set Oculus rift in the room:

Setting up your room for Oculus rift is the most important part and you not be ignore it. First of all you need to empty the space of 5′ x 6.5′ (1.5m x 2m) so that you can easily put all the things there of it. Try to move your furniture which is not very useful and let your all gaming set and VR set on the selected portion in your room. After oculus rift system requirements are done, the most important part is wiring and mounting, be sure you that must set all the instruments and hide the wires in such a way that no one can reach it so that you can tell.

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