Here you will learn all about the functions and settings of Oculus rift Oculus Rift price, Oculus Rift Amazon, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift VR headset, Oculus Rift functions, Oculus Rift price, Oculus rift Touch.and how it works with your PC. From last many couple of years the gamers mind wants something out from this world to visual their gaming system in a whole breath taking way for this reason the founder Palmer Luckey of Oculus Rift has introduced this new gadget to the world of gamers. To understand the working of VR headset Oculus Rift functions which are quite easy and simple. If you want everything to be surreal and if you are willing to go the high mountains and be like a fairy or a fighter and kill all the enemies for real then this Rift VR headset can do this all for you with immersive three-dimensional experience and virtual reality technology. Oculus can work anywhere and is adjustable even in the small congested places in your home. You just need to connect it with your laptop or desktop computer and you are all set to play all of your favorite games in 3D and you can doge yourself from the bullets and hits fired by your contender in the game or you can go inside anything in the ship or in the plane.

How Oculus Rift Works And What Are Its Functions

Oculus Rift release date and price:

Oculus rift was released back in few months on March 28, 2016 worldwide, before its release the UK consumers were pretty desperate to grab it first after its launching ceremony everyone took a deep breath and soon later it was in the hands of gamers who were willing to have it in their gaming zone. The company started taking orders from January 2016 for the satisfaction of customers and the shipment of this product was initiated by the end of March and onwards. After the launch to the public the first step was the price because the price of Oculus rift is 600 US dollars and some of them purchased it immediately and some remain confused about its durability. The CEO of the company has convinced the world Oculus Rift VR is best headset to buy at very affordable price. Although it is less expensive than Vive of HTC and more expensive than Sony’s Project Morpheus. 

Exciting 3D games of Oculus Rift:

Oculus VR headset has introduced tons of 3D games to the players. The most famous and played games are Grid Autosport, Elite Dangerous, Half Life and Half Life 2, EVE Valkyrie, the standalone verison of DayZ and Dying Light, Team Fortress 2, Project Cars, Star Citizen, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and The Witness and more games are about to launch. The best and amazing part is that all the Rift users can produce their own VR content with the assistance of facebook applications. You will be able to play games with Oculus Touch and Tracked controllers and also this headset contains Xbox One wireless controller so that you can use your hands comfortably and you can also see your hands in VR which will amaze you and make you a real gamer. With Oculus rift you will also feel the real presence of other contenders in the game this is the magic from next generation which enables to live in the fantasy to real world

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