Here Xcruiser Sat Finder Update Software,Firmware Download Free. Xcruiser Sat Finder Models are XCRUISER XS 9500 Sat Finder, DXCRUISER XS 9900 Sat Finder, DXCRUISER XTS 9550 Sat Finder, HDXCRUISER XTS 9950HD Sat Finder .
Xcruiser has been offering satellite meters for many years to the market. These meters offer live satellite picture and sound just like a satellite receiver in addition to all the installation parameters for perfect adjustment of the satellite dish. We also offer a low-cost Satellite Meter intended for the installer not requiring the Monitor function and can do the job without the Spectrum Analyzer. Xcruiser XS5500D HD Digital Satellite Finder provides a simple and convenient solution for setting up satellite dishes. Using the programmed satellite parameters, you can quickly, easily and accurately align any satellite dish.
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Xcruiser Sat Finder Update Software,Firmware Download

Xcruiser Sat Finder Update Software,Firmware

Xcruiser XS 9500D Sat Finder

Flash Dumb 

XS9500 V1.3.5

1: F3 key show siganl Information Bug fixed 2: Russain and Turkish Language Improved 3: Satellite and Transponder List Updated 4: "Channel Delete" "Satellite Delete" "TP Delete" All Channel Delete" : Added 5: Can Rename Satellite "Press Menu => Satellite Setting => Edit Satellite => press F4 key to Rename 6: Signal Level can Show in Horizontal and Vertical position Press FIND key to make it Horizontal


Xcruiser XS 9900D Sat Finder

Flash Dumb


Arabic and Persian Added, Fonts Bolted


Xcruiser Plugin 

Software for Satellite Editing and Software Loader


Xcruiser XTS 9550HD Sat Finder

Xtorm Meter XTS9550HD V1.020

XCruiser Meter HD V1.013

Xtorm XT9550HD Meter V1.016

Xtorm XT9550HD V1.014

Xcruiser  XTS 9950HD Sat Finder

XCRUISER XTS 9950HD v3.5.0

XCRUISER XTS 9950HD v3.6.5

XCRUISER XTS 9950HD v3.6.8

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