Here You can watch Live PTV Home Programmes, PTV home dramas online, Dramas of PTV home, PTV home live dramas, online PTV home live, live PTV home HD.  In Pakistan working women and housewives love to watch dramas at evening and they prefer live PTV home programmes to watch and to get entertainment from it. This channel has a variety of shows for all ages such as cartoons for kids, cooking shows for women and soaps and theaters of different genres which can be watched by entire family. For the very first time the first live transmission was aired on 26th November 1964, in Lahore. In its early broadcasting's it functioned only for 12 hours because of few programmes but now it is functioning for 24 hours. This Tv channel news remained as a single channel for many decades and then in 2012 this channel added new seven channels with the efforts of directors and producers of Pakistan Television Corporation. In East Asia, South Asia and in Middle East the signals of this channel are received by satellite.

Live PTV Home TV Channel  Programmes

Watch live PTV home dramas online:

If you have no availability of television box at your residential place then you can visit the internet for Live Ptv Sports cod, Live PTV home dramas online by simply visiting the official website or you can search it on Google and it will show you many related links. There is a difference between satellite channels and terrestrial channels because of the content and quality policy, PTV terrestrial channel broadcasts live matches of all sports such as cricket and kabaddi and other important and professional games whereas the PTV satellite channel cannot on air all these programmes. This channel televises the updates and current news about Pakistani film industry Lollywood. Its name “Home” is suggested for the reason to portrait all the issues and entertainment regarding home so that people can understand their all sorts of societies in an appropriate way. 

PTV home live has played a very significant part in the Pakistani television industry it was the only platform to put forth and portrait all the arts and cultures face of Pakistan. Those were old times when each event has to be put on this channel but now this channel has subdivided into different types of channels which are devoted to one category only. This channel has transformed into a one stop shop of entertainment and here you can catch all the latest dramas and sometime you can also see the vintage blockbuster dramas on PTV home which made a good and populous reputation in Asia. This channel owns a large number of viewers then other channels of Pakistan and this channel has also split into new channel supply. 

Dhoop Kinare, Alpha Bravi Charlie, Nilaam Ghar, Family Front, Nach Na Jane Angan Tedha, are the few of the most popular dramas worldwide and the most loved dramas on t his channel which are still remembered by our old generation. Anwar Maqsood, Bushra Ansari, Samina Peerzada and many more renowned artists made this channel the real face of Pakistan and has also renovated the Pakistan drama industry. And today live PTV home has facilitated many viewers to watch their favorite shows in Pakistan and throughout the world and also invigorated with the new logos and exciting and meaningful shows which are running successfully in the entire world especially in India and in Pakistan.

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