Here you can get the guide and method of Satellite Dish receivers, Satellite Dish, install satellite dish, Satellite Dish receiver, Satellite Dish TV, DIRECTV  Satellite Dish, Freesat installation, satellite dish alignment of all companies i your home without any charges. Sometimes when you purchase new machinery you call a professional installer and same case is with the installing of satellite dish. Different satellite TV providers offer free installations and some providers take charges, to avoid such charges and a long wait for professional installer to visit your home you can do it yourself with following very simple and easy steps to install it in a best way. But before you install it you need few tools and equipments which are required with this antenna. The equipment are such as the complete apparatus of satellite you have purchased, RF coaxial cables, black solution tape, lag bolts, hammer, zip ties, screw clips, a 7/16 wrench, small compass and a nut driver bit, TV kit. But the most sensitive part of this process is to locate the accuracy of signals which plays a vital role to watch channels in clear AV quality.

Easy Installation Guide of Different Satellite Dish In Your Home

How to Install DIRECTV Satellite Dish:

The professionals from DIRECTV can also come to home for the quick installation and if you are not willing to call them you can install it by yourself with the assistance of this guide. First of all according to the manual you have to connect your satellite dish receiver directly with your television box in such a way that one side of the coaxial wire must be connected to satellite receiver through jack and the connect other side of the coaxial wire to the antenna jack on the TV. And after this process you can easily plug the switches of receiver and television to the main electricity board to get power and turn them on.  Now start tuning the television you will see the menu of the receiver and with the help of that you can select UHF channel 14 or 65 on the cable. After this connect the LNB (low noise blocker) with the receiver’s hold up arm and navigate the manual of the receiver to search vertical and horizontal synchronization and finally you are all set to view all the channels provided in DirecTV.

How to install DSTV and MYTV satellite dish:

The installation method of DSTV and MYTV is quite easy for the receiver and TV. First above all, the assessment of location must be observed in order to attain the accurate signals and make sure there are no such hurdles and dish must be placed at the roof top. For these mentioned receivers first of all you have to insert the coaxial wire in to the base of LNB and later insert the other side of the wire in to the LNB port which is located at the back side of the satellite signal meter. Now the next step is to set the position of the dish by locating the points and degrees of east and west which really depends on the providers from where you got the connection. Make sure that you have the strong decoder for all this setup in order to attain the best output. So these are the easiest and free of cost installation guide of different satellite dish in your home or anywhere you desired to install it.

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