Here Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software, Firmware Free  Download . Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver has Storing memory: 100 satellites, 4000 ! transponders and 8000 channels,parental lock J supported,Teletext output through VBI and OSD. Firmware update by USB.True-color OSD and 2D graphics accelerator, anti-flicker filter , WIFI, 3G, YOUTUBE, WEATHER, GOGGLE MAP, STOCK VIEW, RSS supported.High-speed searching mode for blind channel/symbol rate or/and code rate acquisition.Embedded AES/DES/3DES engine and OTP, advanced security feature supported.Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver have USB device PVR/Timeshift supported, Pause, Slow, Fast and Skip, Multi-language DVB Subtitle output, All of the PAL and NTSC analog TV standards supported . Starsat HD Satellite Receiver new update Software, Firmware , SW daily updats .

Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver

Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software Download

Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software

Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software V1.15


Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software V1.16


Starsat  SR-9898 HD Satellite Receiver Software V1.17


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