Before buying any digital satellite receiver must read this article so that you become aware of all its basic features and you choose best among them.
Satellite televisions offer us a variety of channels that can be received by digital satellite receivers along with other equipment setup by users in their homes. Satellites send signals while moving around the earth in orbits and they can send signals across long distances and they are not bound to limited earth’s curvature which can hinders television signals. So users can enjoy broadcast from many countries. Encrypted signals are first contact with satellite dish which are installed on rooftops. This part of apparatus sends signals to receivers which then decrypt them and display channels or images to television screens. These parts are interconnected with each other and cannot work alone for users. In order to setup this apparatus users must understand how satellite signals work and the features for digital satellite receivers. 
Once users have this required equipment it is easy to install this setup. Satellite receivers are available on different online shops and you can also buy them from local markets.

How satellite signals works?

Satellites rotate around the earth in fix orbits and their rotation completes once in 24 hours. Satellites can send signals to particular locations of earth because of their positions. Their signals covers a large areas of earth. Three satellites are required to completely cover the earth. Satellites also transmit signals to each other. Content providers of channels sends theirs signals to uplink centers for provision of security and encryption. Then these uplink centers transmit these signals to other satellites.
Then these signals are directed to ground from satellites and received by satellite dishes fixed on roofs. LBN is device located in middle of dish. This part is responsible for receiving the signals. LBN can be single, dual or quad or it can be universal so they are different in output they can provide. Than these are processed by receiver before being send to TV.

Installing Digital satellite receiver :

It is a simple task to set up the digital satellite receiver you have to first mount the satellite dish on you floor then angle it correctly in right direction. Than very simple task of setting some cables is remains. Set them up and receiver will be ready. 
Once the satellite dish and other apparatus is set than receiver can be plugged in. The process of tuning and connection is different in different brands and models. After connecting to receiver tune it according to user manual. Often process of tuning is automated but it depends on satellite card used in receiver.

Install Two Digital Satellite Receivers for One Dish:

Sometimes users want more than one satellite receivers for one dish this process used where people have large homes and they want to use receivers to provide transmission in several rooms of home. So in this process television is connected to two receivers of different providers. So number of accessible channels is increased by a large number. As satellite receiver controls the LBN in dish so two boxes cannot do this at same time but through several ways we can make this work. For multiple receivers LBN must have more than one feed. Alternatively switch box can be used for multiple receivers. Some digital satellite receivers use loop through sockets that allow users to connect one receiver to other while one of them is connected to the satellite dish. However, the loop through feature is limited because only one receiver can regulate the LNB.


This technology can be setup through simple steps and we can set one or more digital satellite receivers at one dish so be careful about features if you want to set up multiple receivers and also about dish LBN device.

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