Time to enjoy the maximum usage of 3G mobile with only one time charging which will keep you going for hours in real and an endless talktime too. All the telecommunication industries are doing their best to provide the services of advance 3G technology in every region of the world. Different cell phones have their own operating system functions and vary battery timings but you can avail only one solution for all types of cell phones. It will definitely take no time if you give a single minute to know the important tips and features which are required to be reprogrammed or switched off for the best ever consumption of your battery then easily you will attain a extra time out of each charge. As a matter of fact 3G phones are well known for countless hidden battery draining characteristics. If you are thinking that you can purchase a portable power pack that can give your phone more energy and charging whenever you need it then this idea is not very beneficial as compare to other ultimate option which you will read below. 

Tips For Maximum Usage Of 3G Mobile With a One Time Charging

Tips to use 3G mobile phone for long hours with a single charge: 

First of all you have turn off those applications which you are not using because your apps will keep scrutinizing the airwaves even if you are not using them. There is a misconception in some people that they can save battery life by turning off phone’s Wi-Fi but this is not only thing that can work best but these types of phones have bluetooth, radio, hotspot GPS and other main features which can consume lot of energy that weakens your battery.  

This is for an obvious reason that you will attain 10 percent more battery by turning extra apps off which are not in use for you all the time. Now if you are not aware of completely to use your device and you don’t know how to turn the off then just go to the phone settings and then select wireless networks and you will see a list of all those things which you want to turn off and this method is applicable on all types of phones. You must also avoid using your phone when it is plugged in for charging let the battery take full energy.

The GPS (global posting system) which is the built-in feature in all smartphones is an outstanding feature which helps you to navigate your desired destinations and locations but on the other hand it consumes too much energy from battery and your battery shows an empty sign. It’s alright to turn it on to get help from, but you need to turn it off immediately after using it to keep your phone running. Other than this Verizon also provides location services which are always turned on by default a setting which scans almost each and everything.

The next main thing is the downloading the apps and updates. Try to turn off the auto-update option which starts anytime without informing you and you lost battery life. Because that time the mobile data or Wi-Fi is enabled and you lost the battery life. You can do the setting in battery and data management. The excess of consumption will heat up your battery and you phone too.
As you know that all smartphones and 3G cell phones have lot of applications that run with the internet and that running slow not even drain your battery but also sow down the processing speed of your device. After unplugging the charger when it is charged full you start using al the apps like camera, video calls and other long duration voice calls and you forget to charge it again thinking that it will work for more than two days, but this is false. In order to use your 3G mobile with a single charging you need to follow these instructions to enjoy each thing in your mobile. 

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