Here Satellite Tv Channel Keys, CW Keys, Update On Nilesat 7.0°W Daily Updates , More Satellite Tv Channel Keys On Nilesat 101 was Launched by an Ariane 4 rocket from Kourou, French Guiana on 28 April 1998 at 22:53:00 UTC by the European Space Agency. It was manufactured by the European company Matra Marconi Space (Astrium) and started official broadcasting on 31 May 1998 with an Expected Life Time of 15 years. At launch the spacecraft weighed 1,840 kg (fully fuelled).
Nilesat Revenue : Dr.Tharwat Meky the Nilesat CEO has declared that Nilesat has fulfilled its commitments towards all its stakeholders at the due time, while Nilesat could achieve a high performance in revenue to attain 132 MUSD by the Third quarter in 2013, which represents 7.3% increase from the similar period of the last year.
Dr.Tharwat added that in spite of the current economic and social situation in the country, Nilesat could keep its customers and exploit all its available space capacities by fulfilling the increasing demand for Nilesat services.

Satellite Tv Channel Keys Update 

Satellite Tv Channel Keys Update On Nilesat 7.0°W

Satellite Tv Channel
Satellite    :  Nilesat 201 7.0°W
Frequence    : 12034 H 27500
Channel Name : AFLAM1, AFLAM2, Cinema, Hekayat, Hekayat2
Date         :  30/10/2015

Satellite Tv Channel Keys

Satellite Tv Channel :  AFLAM1

CW: A0 26 87 4D 49 3C 34 B9 24 B0 59 2D 94 69 CC C9

Satellite Tv Channel  :AFLAM2

CW: A8 89 9E CF C4 D0 AF 43 E4 1A 57 55 8D 48 F7 CC

Satellite Tv Channel  : Cinema

CW: 4F 2D A1 1D B5 1E 20 F3 0F 5C D6 41 6D 97 2E 32

Satellite Tv Channel :Hekayat

CW: 1F C4 37 1A DB 83 BD 1B 6A 42 86 32 78 CB 6C AF

Satellite Tv Channel : Hekayat2

CW: C9 93 9D F9 57 8B 18 FA 4C 3B FA 81 2D 97 DB 9F

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