Here Sinema TV Biss key , Code and History On 42.0°E Update . Sinema TV platform D-Smart which was launched in July 2008 and the movie channel of Oflazer Media Group. About 60 months publishes nearly 600 domestic and foreign films in total including new. The film also became addicted to the entire world as well as being published in foreign series. At first the only channels that broadcast movies or TV then with the opening of Cinema and Television Cinema TV Family 2 and 3 channels has increased. October 2009 with Cinema TV 2 started its high definition broadcasts. Currently the Cinema and Television, Cinema and TV 2, TV Family Theater, Sinema TV 1001, Cinema and TV, including TV Movie Love and Action, consist of all standard and high-definition broadcast channels 6. Sinema TV Biss key and other tv channel keys update daily .

Sinema TV Biss Key and History

Sinema TV Biss key and History On 42.0°E

Sinema TV Biss Key 

Satellite    : 42.0°E
Frequence    : 11913 H 05480 2/3 DVB
Date         : 19/09/2015
Channel Name : Sinema TV

Tv Channel :  Sinema TV Aksiyon Hd

Key Biss: AA CD 45 BC 74 B1 1A 3F

Tv Channel : Sınema Tv Ask HD 

Key Biss : 32 46 FF 77 FA C1 5B 16

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