Is your mobile looking old and scratched with the excess of use?! Then try these tips to keep your all cell phones in new condition. Now it’s an admitted fact that without using and having smartphones in pockets and in bags is not possible. Kids today will never know the struggle their elders had in the past without cellular phones and how they lived tough and inconvenient life. With the evolution of smartphones a decade back they were only accessible and purchasable by the rich people and were considered the most lavish thing to have, but now it has become easily purchasable by everyone from the tons of mobile companies who are providing these devices with budgeted price including amazing features and specifications. So the point is about the maintenance of your mobile to keep it as a brand new even after years. Today no one has time do protect their electronic devices due to hectic schedule, but you will find very short and easy tips regarding to preserve your favorite gadget. 

Tips to make your cell phone fast and new :

With the innovative designs the phone screens are coming in large sizes both for mobiles and tablets. Protectors for your screens play a good role but it doesn’t mean that you have not to care about it as it need some attention too. Tempered glass is the advance form of protector which not only prevents your phone’s screen from scratches but also prevent it to break the screen if you fell it accidently. 

Tips To Keep Your Cell Phones In New Condition

If you want to make your fast then you must avoid installing all those uncertified applications which are certified by the marketplace (i.e. Google Playstore, Apple Store, etc) because they create a virus which can make your phone slow and put trouble to so many apps. 

You can also use a liquid spray which is available in the shops; you can put a little spray on your mobile and wipe it slightly with soft towel or tissue paper for the shiny and tidy look. No matter your phone is expensive or cheap, you can make it look newer as possible as you can. 

As we all know that there is huge competition among all the famous cellular brands and they are trying their best to maintain and to produce the best phone ever. Companies like HTC, Samsung and iPhone are known for their best features and outlook of the smartphones and they provide their consumers a better stuff by which they can utilize it without any worries.

If you have purchased new phone and paid for it also and later few days you believe that it’s not that much appropriate regarding its exterior looks and you don’t have enough cash in hand then you can buy a cover for it to hide its look. There are covers available for every smartphone, and these covers come in a variety of colors, designs and shapes. Flip cover with sensor is best to have it on your gadget. 

Also do not put your mobile phones on wet areas or on hard surface where it can get a chance to get inactive. Use a pouch or a bag where you can place it safely, if you cannot do this then your pant pockets are also great place.

It’s true that with all electronic devices you cannot responsibility and assurance that how long it will work, but these above precautionary measures for smartphones can save you from bad day. If you face a serious loss and you want to keep your cell phones in new condition then you can consult your retailer from where you purchased and also take the warranty card which is in the box of your mobile and if its validity is still left then it will be good news for you to repair it price free.

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