Here Wireless Broadband Make Faster Tips  free for u, are you tired of slow browsing and streaming speed with your broadband internet?! Then take a look at these tips which will make your wireless broadband much faster. Keep one thing in mind that wireless broadband service you are using is not up to the package you have chosen and in few cases it needs to troubleshoot small problems to build your Wi-Fi connection. It’s true that there are many reliable internet service providers but your internet service provider is not entirely responsible for the slow internet speed; there could be other reasons which you will find here below. 

Tips to get a good wireless broadband speed

First of all you must make sure that what programs you have set on start up your desktop PC or laptop, this is because it consumes more than half speed of internet and you must close them by manual settings. The major applications on your computer which slow down your broadband speed are iTunes and Java so you need to turn them off and it will stop initializing automatically.
Other thing you have to see that any installed software which has expired after its trial or due period then your computer will suspect all unwanted viruses like malware, spyware and Trojans this is the other reason that slow down not only your internet but also your computer and you will face slow downloading and uploading.

Wireless Broadband Make Faster Tips

Internet broadband of good speed requires good computer’s specifications such as RAM and hard disk are to mention first. All the unregistered programs will take all your good bandwidth with itself and suffer you from poor speed of internet so it is better to uninstall all unnecessary stuff. 
The most important and main tip is that you have to encrypt your Wi-Fi password by going to the network settings and make passwords very secret and complicated that no one can make any right guess. This is because anyone can steal your allocated bandwidth and you will face slow speed which can create hurdle in your video calling and internet browsing. 

Sometime your router also don’t play a good part regarding streaming, browsing, downloading and uploading and in this case you must clear all the cache memory from all of your web browsers, refresh DNS setting and reset your Wi-Fi router by pressing a tiny button at the back of it. If the problem still occurs then you can request a new router from your service provider.

The placing of your router should be appropriate like it must be kept near window or high place where it can catch signals completely and also try to keep it near your computer or laptop for the better transmission of signals. There are some devices that work slow when they are in an air tight room or in the basement of your residential area. And if you have hanged your device on the wall then keep its antenna in a straight angle. 

With the increasing population the Wi-Fi networks at your surroundings create hurdles because they are operating on the teeming and thickly populated 2.4GHz band which can result to a very big interference with your own Wi-Fi router of 2.4GHz and it will hold back the range of your broadband device and will put effect on its working too.

If you have a dual band router cable which functions at 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time then your problem is more solved and you can get more efficient speed to enjoy your gaming on tablets and on mobile phones. Business people need quick reaction from their internet service they have purchased so they need good technology of attaining strong Wi-Fi signals to their laptops. So you can now perform your tasks easier than before by following these tips will make your wireless broadband much faster.

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