Internet providers or Internet service provider, abbreviated as ISP is an organization to provide service to access and use the Internet. They also be organized as community-owned, privately owned, non-profit or commercial. Services typically contain domain name registration, internet access and transit, Usenet service, web hosting and collocation.

Classification of internet providers

Formerly the Internet was only developed as a network between research laboratories owned by the government and participating departments of some universities. In late 1980s the process was started to place towards public and commercial use. First ISP was recognized in Australia, and then the United States in 1989. “Massachusetts-based The World” that was from Brookline, was turned out to be the first commercial internet provider in US. On November 1989, first customer was served. Restrictions were removed 4 years behind the opening of the World Wide Web by 1995. According to classifications these providers are as following.

What are Internet Providers and Their Services

Access providers ISP

They provide Internet access using  acoustic couplers into telephone lines, to television cable (CATV), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), wireless Ethernet (wi-fi), fiber optics, digital subscriber line (in short DSL) and asymmetric digital subscriber line (abbreviated as ADSL) or a cable modem.

Edge providers

Edge providers create contents.

Mailbox providers

A mailbox provider is an organization to provide services for hosting E-mail domains that give access to storage email for mail boxes. It provides email servers to accept, store, send and receive email.

Hosting ISPs

They provide hosting services like online storage services, email and web-hosting. Other services include cloud services, virtual server or physical server.

Transit ISPs

Just as their customers pay them for access, ISPs themselves pay upstream ISPs for Internet access.

Virtual ISPs

A virtual ISP (abbreviation VISP) purchases services from wholesale ISP which is another ISP. Wholesale ISP allow the customers of VISP's to access Internet using service and infrastructure that is owned and operated by the wholesale ISP.

Free ISPs

Free ISPs provide service free of charge. 

Wireless ISP

A WISP or Wireless ISP is an organization that provides internet services with a network that is based on a wireless network.

List of best Internet Providers

PTCL provides DSL Coverage in more than 2000 cities, 3G EVO, 3G EVO Nitro 9.3 Broadband DSL, EVO 3G Wireless broadband. Wateen WiMAX Wireless broadband. WorldCall Telecom Limited EVDO Wireless broadband. wi-tribe, Qubee Pakistan COMSATS Services.

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