You must thanks to the all of the finest models of Samsung LED TV for the year 2015 which you have dreamed of the outstanding image and sound quality like never before. The term LED is abbreviated as “Light Emitting Diodes” and it works much better than standard fluorescent tubes which were used in old televisions. The HDTV technology is the next level of Samsung Company and its manufacturers has amazed the world with the best viewing in 1080p resolution. One of the most attractive thing of its design is that it is only 1.2 inches thin which is adjustable anywhere. The Auto Motion Plus feature of it enables you to watch soft motion pictures which is amazing than motion blur pictures in old television boxes. Other than this it consumes very less power with the help of backlight technology than LCD TV and very light in weight. 

Now you just take a look on Samsung’s LED TV models which will assist you to buy for your home before you shop online or visiting direct to the showroom of this company. 

Finest Models Of Samsung LED TV 2015

Samsung UN65JS9000 LED TV :

The potential LED lighting provides JS9000 outstanding picture quality with the stream of light through colors and the contrast is also very good, you will observe the natural light coming where this TV is placed. A built in pop up webcam is the cool option you can use and full array backlighting give you best results. This model has a huge sale and very huge in demand in the international market now because of it elegant look and advanced built-in features. This model has also included six pairs of three-dimensional glasses and its clear motion rate is 1680 which is able enough to create prompt refresh rate.

Samsung UN40JU7500 LED TV :

120Hz s the improved panel refresh rate and on the other side the motion rate for JU7500 is 240. This model supports a quad core processor, precision black, UHD Picture Dimming, precision black and peak illuminator image superiority adjustments and contrast enhancer technology. Its features and elegant look is breath taking that you can stay quite without admiring it. This feature is the most highlighting with the new peak illuminator tool inside and additionally it gives you brighter image on your TV screen and you can observe yourself the color sequence and images are perfect. Other than this you can enjoy using the smart remote with touchpad along with the microphone. 

Samsung UN50JU7100 LED TV:

The auto motion plus feature in LED Samsung JU1700 has given a life to this equipment. Its appearance is pretty cool with the intensity of 2.5 and slim that can be placed anywhere in your home on a sleek shiny silver stand which is designed especially for this model. Talking about the sound quality then it has two speakers with ten watts and it gives an average audio result. The other smart feature of this model it has a built-in Wi-Fi and the mobile to TV option enables you to play your favorite games. It supports HDMI ports and USB ports for your different connectivity devices. The “Smart View” option enables you to watch anything from your smartphones on your TV screen.

Samsung UN60JU6500 LED TV:

The best part of Samsung JU6500 is that with built-in Wi-Fi it has a HEVC decoder to watch freely the streamed 4K content. It design and look attract everyone and it weight 52 lbs. without the stand. The best feature of this model is that the light passes through LED backlights and presents UHD. 

You can tone down the backlight you can easily turn the backlight setting below 80% which is a suitable and standard level and you can enjoy enough of brightness from it. So these finest models of Samsung LED TV for the year 2015 are a great pick for your home or in your any type of living area. 

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