Cable tv has a short history started from the United States who during the 1980s mandated rules and created the commencement of the cable originated live tv program. It was then resulted a cable tv what is known today; here many networks offer live broadcasts of many varieties. Transmission may include many different types of channels like news channels, funny channels, dramas, movies, entertainment channels, science and fiction, educational channels and religious channels. 

What is cable tv and how it works

It is a way of delivering programs of television to paying subscribers by means of (RF) radio frequency signals using coaxial or fiber-optic light pulses. Cabletv is in contrast with broadcast tv, in which the signals are transmitted by radio waves over the air and are received by using a tv antenna that is attached to the television. Its abbreviation CATV is frequently used that is actually Community Access Television or Community Antenna Television. Earlier cable tv was using analog signal, but since 2000, all operators of cabletv have switched to digital or are in process of switching to digital television. This switching has made the clarity of screen and picture a lot. High definition quality channels are now available due to this switching from analog to digital transmission

Cable Tv Transmission For Free

Cable tv software and cabletv providers

If you want to receive signal at a given location, distribution lines must also be available on that local utility poles or in underground utility lines. Normally Coaxial brings signals to customer's site through service drop or by an overhead/underground cables. In case the subscriber's building doesn’t have a cable-service drop then the Company uses to install one. In the USA standard cable used is called RG-6 that has impedance of 75 ohm and connects by a type F connector. Cable television is mostly available in and East Asia, South America, North America, Australia, Europe and less so in the Middle East. It has a little success in Africa, as it is not gainful to lay cables in thinly populated areas. So microwave or wireless based systems are used there instead. Many software are available in the market and on internet for viewing the transmission but some are cracked and some have fake serial included in them and may contain viruses. So be careful to use this software for viewing tv transmission using software.

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