This article will through a light on 3D TV and its feature for all those people who are unaware with these qualities.You can say 3D TV is a chicken without an egg because of some requirements that are rare today. Because TV viewers can’t use this feature without glasses. Many TV companies today offer 3D feature with the free availability of glasses but reality is mostly people don’t use this feature more than once or twice than they leave the glasses to enjoy dust.

Now missing egg that is content and very rare today. 3D feature is used in games and movies sports and TV shows but still this content is uncommon and rare so you can say there is not much 3d content available that makes this feature useless some times.

3D Blu-ray titles are still very rare as compare to 2D Blu-ray titles and also most of games are 2D which is large source of world users and very few sources are providing 3D streaming but only on demand so few real 3D channels are going to end slowly.

What is 3D TV And What Things You Should Know About it

Examples are ESPN 3D TV which is ended due to low viewers at the end of 2013 it was providing real 3D services. Similarly Direct TV shifted toward part time from full time. Also BBC is leaving 3D feature in near future so why these channels are leaving this feature because very low number of people were adopting this feature so channels are leaving this feature.

This feature is going to fail or not but 3D compatibility and TVs are here and TV makers are using this feature to attract the customers more and more like they are doing with other features so users think these TVs are different from lower ones. So question is you should care about this feature or not while buying TV my quick answer to your question is “no”. But this isn’t means that you should buy 2D TV only. Best TVs today are 3D televisions so you should go for one weather you use this feature in your TV set or not.

What 3D TV really is?

When we say 3D TV than we mean a TV which is HD and also have 3D compatibility this feature is released by LCD and plasma TV in year 2010 which creates 3D view for users but only with use of specialized glasses.

3D TVs are firstly 2D TVs: 

All these latest TVs are first 2D TVs so these can display regular content without any problems and without glasses. So if you don’t want to use this feature you can use this TV for 2D content provided by HD content providers. Alsoin the 3D TVpicture quality of 2D is not affected in any way we have noticed by using their 3D capabilities.So this feature you can take it or leave it behind it’s your choice but this will not affect capabilities of your TV most shoppers don’t care about 3D TV and go for others features.

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