Before you know the top five cable TV in America, it is necessary for you to know its functionality and working. Cable television requires a good quality broadband wire that is generally the type of high-bandwidth coaxial wire at your living place. Different companies run different kinds of transmitting apparatus which adjoin countless television channels of both digital and analog into only one wire and we can see it in a television set through specific set top box. A set top box is compulsory for each TV set as it is compulsory with satellite TV. There are cable equipment available in the market and you can purchase them but make sure before you install it you must let the provider to know and read the proper instructions and let it function with the best signals. If you are concerned about to choosing the appropriate cable TV then here is the detailed below of most consumed top five cable TV providers in USA.


Comcast is the leading cable TV company in USA which is functioning since 2002, not only this but it also provides internet and phone services to the more than 20 million customers. This TV provider company place a world of entertainment right at your fingertips with all your most wanted movies and shows of all genres. It also has an application which is XFINITY TV with this you can record each show anytime, schedule DVR recordings and can control you TV too with his app.

Time Warner Cable:

Time Warner Cable is the second largest cable TV provider of digital phone, cable internet, home security and television services in USA and available to the 29 states of USA for more than 66.9 million customers. It has a huge variety of TV channels to full the appetite of entertainment and other informational reasons. Its local news channels regional sports networks are TWCS, TWCSN and SNY. It has a fine interactive of VOD (Video on Demand) infrastructure and signaling.

Cox Communications:

Cox Communications ranks third in the list of large cable TV providers in the America which is offering very useful products such as broadband internet, cable television, VoIP, digital telephone and wireless to the 6.2 million subscribers in the United States. You can have a never ending list of cable channels in standard definition and high definition programming which will amuse you and the other members of the family to watch them at their ease. The digital video recorder service allows you to record your favorite shows.

Charter Communications:

Charter communications is also the famous cable TV provider in United States which was established in 1993. Apart from cable television it also offers high speed internet and telephone services and provides entertainment facilities to more than 6 million customers in the America. It ranks fourth in the list of four big cable operating companies. It has a variety of news, sports, movies and other entertainment channels which can be viewed once it is installed in your home.


Cablevision System Corporation ranks fifth in the list of large cable TV providers of America. It owns more than 3 million subscribers across USA and providing the services of Cable, Internet VoIP Phone, and Business with finest fiber optic cable and coaxial cable. It has also made its position in television providers and stands ninth and stands eighth in the telephone provider in USA. It is also known as its own brand names Optimum. This year this company has also announced Wi-Fi only cell service dubbed Freewheel service. So all these top five cable TV Providers in America are reliable to get started the new entertainment world in your own living place. 

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