HD DVR which is termed as High-Definition Digital Video Recorder and sometimes also known as PVR (Personal Video Recorder). Until late 90’s VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) was used frequently as the only source of entertainment and now the innovative technologies like DVD players and set-top-boxes has removed VCR from this world. HD DVR works as application software which enables digital recording and allows saving the data in USB flash drive, memory cards, disk drives and other mass storage equipment's. For your information it was LG who introduced the feature of built-in digital video-recording in its television set and later other companies started following this feature. Below is the list of the top five HD DVR devices which are used by the millions of people around the world. 

VAST DSR 4639 Dual Channel HD Personal Video Recorder

The List Of Top Five HD DVR

This digital video recorder modeled VAST DSR 4639 has a dual channel option in HD format has countless features to use. Its stylish sleek box is attractive and it’s light in weight and can be placed anywhere at safe place. 

Features of VAST DSR 4639 HD DVR:

1. Its real-time two channels recording and playback of recorded file from hard Event based Time-shift
2. Its real-time recording of two channels allows you to watch the third channel
3. 400 hours of recording
4. 500 GB hard drive
5. Pause live TV
6. HDMI output

Altech PVR 6690 High definition Digital Video Recorder

The Altech PVR 6690 is an elegant High definition digital video recorder and has a consumer friendly interface for the maximum recording which operates quite high speed prceesor of STi7101. It also provides installation option in most the programmes. 

Features of Altech PVR 6690 HD DVR:

1. Option of direct recording to external HDD via USB
2. Recording modes- manual, timer through EPG
3. Enable to record two shows at a time
4. HDMI output
5. MP3 playback
6. Pause live TV

DynoSat HD7000 High Definition DVR Receiver

DynoSat HD7000 high definition DVR marvelous that supports new functions like Blindscan and Dolby Digital AC3 audio you will be glad to know it other advanced features such as video PID on individual and editing audio PID channels. You can also save the screenshots in the image gallery for this you need external USB hard drive for best DVR functions. 

Features of DynoSat HD7000 HD DVR:

1. Multiple OSD language, audio language and subtitle language supported
2. Supports 1080i/720p/480p/480i Video Resolution
3. Channel Editing including VPID & APID
4. HDMI (up to 1080I) Output
5. One year limited warranty
6. USB 2.0 Host ports

Humax HDR-2000T HD Freeview Digital TV Recorder

The Human HDR-2000T has astonishing functions to improve your entertainment experience. It supports built-in recording, home networking and multimedia and VOD services. You can also have more than 50 TV channels Freeview plus HD and more than 20 radio stations through your aerial free of cost. With the option of EPG you can set your viewing shows for the next 7 days. 

Features of Humax HDR-2000T HD DVR:

1. On demand services you can watch YouTube and BBC iPlayer
2. Ability to play directly on you TV with a USB DEVICE
3. Recording with HDMI cable and Ethernet cable
4. Records 300 hours of SD programmes 
5. Records 125 of HD programmes
6. 500 GB hard drive

Grundig 320GB Freesat+HD Digital TV Recorder

Grundig GUFSDTR320HD Freesat+HD digital video recorder has the attractive dimensions of 51mm height, 272mm width and 300mm length which can be place in any small place and its design is attractive enough to look good. Not only can this but while recording your favorite live show you watch other show at the same time. 
Features of Grundig 320GB Freesat+HD DVR:
1. Pause, rewind and record option in SD and HD result
2. Freesat digital channels and radio stations
3. Ethernet Port and HDMI socket
4. Interactive TV and digital text
5. Audio description competent
6. Twin DVB-S2 Tuner

Now it’s time to pick your any of the above mentioned list of the top five HD DVR and make your home a more piece of theatre satisfy the appetite of your entertainment which is the important part of everyone’s life.

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