If you don’t know what is DiSEqC and DiSEqC switch than we explain here in details their features and use in satellite world. DiSEqC is new types of control protocol for receiving digital and analog satellite signals in Europe it is the digital future of satellite reception system.This system was invented and manufactured by EUTELSAT and Philips Company. It has a micro controller that is used in digital control mode which is used to control the received signals. This controller is used to send commands through coaxial cable for controlling the signal received by receiver like high or low and vertical or horizontal LNB. These commands are only detailed and important data to control any related DiSEqC device that is why it is called full DiSEqC command.

What is DiSEqC and How To Choose Correctly DiSeqC Switch

The DiSEqC commands are a Simply Tone Burst that but they are different from continues 22 KHz frequency tone bursts, they are used to select satellite from multiple satellites benefits are that this fact reduce the size of software used in receiver. In analog receiving organizations you can use 0 KHz to 22 KHz and 14V to 18V for selecting Lo or Hi band, Vertical or Horizontal, but there is no control signal to switch among analog satellite and digital satellite. For that purpose you need DiSEqC switch and other accessories and also commands to operate this system.

What is DiSEqC Switch?

LNBs are flashlight shaped device which are attached on satellite dishes. These devices receive signals and transmission from satellites like an antenna. After that these send the signals to satellite receiver to create an image on TV screens. Each one of satellite service needs a devoted LNB device if there are more than one satellite services. Like if there are two types of broadcast foreign and local than if you are using two separate receivers than you don’t need it but if you want to use a single receiver than you need DiSEqC switch for that purpose.It stands for digital satellite equipment control switches and they are used to control more than one LNB devices and their signals which they send to satellite.

Differences in simple and DiSEqC switch:

A DiSEqC switch have a coaxial splitter or combiner along with more than one inputs for LNB devices and only one output that connects it to satellite receiver. But standard coaxial splitter cannot be used for this switch. Regular splitter is only used basically for sending cable signals to more than one televisions. A DiSEqC switch sends signals along with electricity in both directions using coaxial cables for selecting and controlling the correct LNB.

Signal Reception:

This process of receiving signals is same as performed by a normal dish to receiver signals, but we can direct traffic to multiple components through DiSEqC switch. The work of switch is only sending signals from the LNB to your receiver.  This tells the receiver about available signals than receiver can send request for specific satellite signals.


Fortunately, these switches are in reverse compatible. If you have a LNB device that is using different standards than you will have to upgrade your switch. But, you don’t need to upgrade other LNBs. So these are some compatibility issues between satellite receivers LNBs and DiSEqC switches must consult someone before buying them otherwise it will not work properly.

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