We cannot ignore the benefits of digital cable in our daily life now a days as it is primary component in our life as a factor of entertainment.This thread is completely about the Digital cable and its usage in modern era. Digital cable is a type of cable television that is spread through video compression. This technology was launched and originally belonged to Motorola. Most of cable companies converted their analog system to digital in between 2000s. They converted television signals into digital format of HDTV and this was not compatible with old analog systems. Digital cable system expend services like pay per view programming for giving higher resolution and in high definition video to the customers. Also introduces new programs of cable internet and cable telephone service. For security purpose in digital systems signals are highly encrypted this step reduced the cable theft which was very high in analog cable system.

History of digital cable:

How Digital Cable Revolutionize The TV World With Its Benefits

It was general instrument which later acquired by Motorola company who in 1990 confirmed that in a 6 MHz frequency channel it is possible that we can deliver high quality HD TV by using digital compression. So GI showed transmission of more than one high quality programs on 6 MHz channel. So after watching the importance of this new technology in 1990s cable providers started investing their money in this new multi-channel TV technology for expanding the number of channels and other services available to customers. 

As the competition was increasing in satellite programming like DirecTV, Prime Star and in Dish Network and other reason was users were now taking interest in pay per view and digital services and high speed internet services so as a result in 2000 era most of cable providers were offering some services of digital cable to their customer for surviving in the increasing competition.

This was only possible by Digital cable technology that cable providers were offering two way communication ability and compressed video channels in less frequency space. So by this technology and technique they can offer more channels and without using telephone line they can provide other services like video on demand, telephone services and high speed internet. Also there is one more benefit that security risks are less in this technology and this digital cable technology provides less error streaming of signals so quality is automatically increased in this system and there is no possibility of theft and other crimes.
 Most of digital cable suppliers use QAM standard for video facilities and DOCSIS standards for data service. Some providers have also start to turning out video services using IPTV standard or switched video.

Channels in digital cable:

How Digital Cable Revolutionize The TV World With Its Benefits

In old days frequency space in which only one channels was running now a day in digital technology many channels can be run on this space. But number of channels depend on the compression used in video. Many providers can fill a single analog frequency of channel with two HD channels or with 10 SD channels which is very helpful and efficient now a days and also with higher compression many providers can add more than this channels into one frequency. But higher channels means lower the quality of channels.

When we add more abilities in channel it complicates the notion in digital cable physical channel and sub-channel are formal names of two number which identify channel. So as a result we can say digital cable revolutionize the TV world and this technology give us pleasant experience in video quality and other services.

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