Dreambox 800 HD se is one of latest receiver of dream multimedia vendors so this review will help to explore its features and qualities.You all know about Dreambox receiver as it is Linux based digital satellite receiver which is produced by germen vendors named as dream multimedia. There are number of receivers are available in marketbut Dreambox is one of best among them so I will suggest you this. Dreambox DM800 HD se is one of latest models of this product so if you are interested in this product you should choose this model.

Features Of Dreambox 800 HD se:

It is a Powerful receiver for Radio programs and digital satellite TV. It contains 400 MHz power processor that enhance the performance and it supports the Linux base TV API. You can see High Definition TV on your Dreambox. It has a 10/100 Megabit compatible and powerful Ethernet Interface which is very user friendly. It also have HDMI connector and plug and play tuner with colored OLED display. This receiver also contains internal slot for SATA hard disk.

Detail Features Of Dreambox 800 HD se and Safety Instructions

Technical Features:

These features are better than any other device or receiver available in market so see yourself and compare them with other devices than chose the best among them I am suggesting Dreambox receiver on the base of these features:

It has Enigma 2, Linux base powerful Operating System
MPEG_2 and H.264 Hardware base decoding that is very compatible
DVB-S tuner or have optional tuner DVB-C or DVB-T
Tuner Module with Plug and Play capability.
2Smartcard Reader that are very efficient.
You can update software through mini USB and also use it for other Services. 
1 x SCART (RGB or S Video)
2 high speed USB 2.0 
Analog Modem that work well for system.
S-PDIF Interface that is used for digital bit streaming.
64 Megabyte Flash and 256 Megabyte RAM
Having the capability of unlimited channel lists for TV and Radio.
We can change channel in less than one second.
Automatic service scan for tuning.
It has many languages support.
External 12V power supply required for this receiver.  

Detail Features Of Dreambox 800 HD se and Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions For Dreambox 800 HD se:

Please read this safety manual and instructions for better and safe use as vendors will not take any responsibility of your mistake and damage done on these consequences of incorrect handling of this device. Some people take wrong action and damage the device as well as damage to himself so be careful while dealing these electrical devices.

Make enough space around the Dreambox device for necessary ventilation as we all know these devices produce heat.
Do not cover the top side of the Device and allow some necessary space to other devices for better performance. 
There are spaces made for air and heat reduction those spaces must be free all times so that device can reduce the heat from inside.
Save the device from any type of liquid and do not put nay liquid container on top it as splash may cause serious damage to device so be careful in these matters.
Do not put devicenear open flame sources, such as candles, also do not put these types of thing on top of the device.
The device can only be worked well in moderate climate so temperature must be normal.
Do not remove the cover of Dreambox as there is risk of electric shock from its circuitsand in necessary condition contact trained person to open it.

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