This thread is completely about Wireless cable TV and its feature so you can select best device for your applications.Wireless cable TV is device or we can say combination of two or more devices through which we can connect more than one television sets with same cable connection. So if you are sick or wires in your bed room drawing room or in office I will suggest you this product which can save you money time and relief you from extra cables in your home or offices. This device work like Wi-Fi in your laptop and save us from mess of cables around us.
This device is made for you if you have more than one TV sets in your home and you want to share the connection on both and not for single TV set so don’t waste your time and money if you have only single set.

Complete Guide to Wireless Cable TV and its Features

Benefits of wireless cable TV :

You can watch different TV channels on 2 different TV sets at same time. This device include its own tuner which will allow you to watch different channels on different sets using same cable line and also can send signals to other devices in home or office.

It savesus from extra wireless cable box and additional monthly fees of cable. Method used here is wireless connection which transmits signals to other room so we can share the connection.
No extra wires to set in house and no holes to drill in walls for wires. We all know wireless signals can go through walls, windows and floors so we don’t have to make holes in walls of our home and we can enjoy cable or satellite TV with single source in multiple rooms of our house.
Synchronization of Channels feature is present in wireless cable TV can synchronize the frequencies of receiver and transmitter so by using this process interference reduced from other wireless devices.
Extra receivers are also available to transmit to signals to multiple TV sets. So by using this facility you can transmit TV transmission to other components in your house.
In this device Remote Extender is also available through which we can change the channels remotely from other rooms.

Features of wireless cable TV: 

"Better than ever before, Great quality picture”

“No other product has these features"

Through Wireless Cable TV you can transmit your analog TV channels from the cable connection without wires that comes into your house to another remote TV. You can start the sharing process by just connecting the receiver of remote TV with your transmitter. So you can enjoy analog channels in all your TV sets. Wireless cable TV can extend your TV signals easily in your home and office.It is easy to set up this device and use. If you can play a DVD player, than you can easily handle this project.

Following Features are present in this device:

On Screen Menu available.
You can watch Digital Channels Too.
RCA/Composite Output on RX.
Also Input and Output on TX.
Range of this device is 150' Line of sight transmission can be up to 150 feet. Range in usual homes and offices is 50 to 100 feet through floors, walls, and ceilings.
RF Coax Cable Splitter Included.
Two Ways Communication used.
Four Selectable Frequencies are available.

The device is especially designed to give you quality wirelessfree cable TV to any remote television in your home or office. Now, you can decide if the Wireless Cable TV is the right product for your application or not.

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