This topic will help you understanding free cccam server and card sharing process and in last we will show you how to make free cccam server of your own. First of all what is card sharing and best cccam server so it is a process of sharing one satellite card subscription with others so that all can enjoy streaming. In this process satellite receivers must have Ethernet quality. In this process actually one receiver have card in its slot and this acts as a server and second user connects his receiver to the server by using the internet connection than he can also enjoy the satellite TV transmission.

Requirementto Set Free CCcam Server :

For set up this system you need Linux based satellite products along with Dream box and networkable equipment. Networkable means that receivers have Ethernet connections like computers have. Also they have software to send and receive information.

Complete Guide To Make Free CCcam Server and Cardsharing

As development in every field of life is very rapid so software packages are also changing rapidly through Newcs to cccamand Newcamd other also gained very fame due to network sharing quality. Benefit in sharing is that you don’t have to pay for card just for encrypted package and then you can forget about card. This process is also very useful in those areas of world where satellite subscription is not available.
 This process is not illegal but some of its uses are legal as they are consider as crime is different countries like UK and USA so that talking and discussing about this process is prohibited in different platforms.

How Does Free CCcam Server Works:

Complete Guide To Make Free CCcam Server and Cardsharing

For communication receivers must be configured first. The receiver that holds the card is known as server or host. Host mount the card in card slot and subscription card is physically available or connected to only servers. Other receivers are known as clients. For this process standard IP address format is used that is also used in computers. IP addresses acts like telephone numbers in internet connections and through them clients and servers reach each other.So different software packages used in this process use different protocols or rules that are related to specific products. So receivers can talk to each other but if they have same protocols and software packages and we can build free cccam server.

For example host or server name is “North” that carries the subscription card in it. Both server and client machines are using Newcs and protocols are newcamd so that we can acquire more compatibility.

Second machine is named as “south” with Mgcam software and soft cam protocol it will be client with no subscription.  So we will connect “south” with north by giving its IP address in “South” by using internet after connection will be configured and both machines will hand shake each other. After establishing the connection “south” machine or receiver will be able to watch all channels available on card of “North” receiver. But if both machines have the card then both will acts as client and server so than both will be able to share the channels of client machine.
This process is easy but what if you have to connect 50 to 100 receivers and all have different protocols then may be some compatibility issues may occur. So this way you can make free cccam server and by card sharing many other benefits can be achieved. 

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  2. Now-a-days Cardsharing Server
    become a part and parcel in our life. Its a entertaining thing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. thanks a lot for your explanation. it is very useful and easy to understand. A question please, instead of sharing my card from the receiver...can i put the card on a Server and start sharing...and i think this is the illegal part of the process. Thanks.

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  5. how do i start my own server to share with family and friends????

    1. hold one hand on my L and second on ur family ass... sharing done

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