Main Reasons Of Purchasing 3G Modem For Decoder

It was a time in past when FTA 007, Avatar 2 and Microbox were easily used with the technology named SKS (Satellite Key Sharing) in decrypting DST channels without the help of internet connection. But nowadays purchasing 3G modem for decoder has become compulsory. DST channels finished this method and now we have IKS (Internet Keys Sharing). This IKS has a sub division into GPRS dongles and IKS decoders, so from the all the suggestions IKS is the only thing which is used with the options than Edge or GPRS. The other available thing is QSAT with TV1 with CCcam account and AvatarCam codes. But with the recent survey the response about QSAT is very bad and GPRS dongles such as A+EC Link and AZ SKY.

To know the advantages of using 3G modem with decoder read them below.

If you have purchased a new QSAT and you want to activate your AvatarCam code for the very first time with using GPRS then you may waste more than a few hours trying to activate your decoder and you will be getting “cannot connect to server errors” but if you use a 3G network, to archive 3G network you either use a 3G modem, or use a LAN internet or Wi-Fi and you will activate your account successfully with a small number of trials.

Sometime annoying sounds are mostly caused by radio waves and it happens to those who connect their decoder to external speakers or amplifiers. Whenever a call wants to come through, the speakers will be producing annoying and disturbing sounds until you hang-up the call you are making or receive the incoming call. But this will never happen if you use 3G network.

Recovery from SSP attacks or manufacturers upgrade is a good example which is currently happening to QSAT. We don’t know what is currently happening to QSAT, may be attack from DST or internal upgrade but the observations says that when QSAT is fully back, those who have a 3G modem will gain access to their server faster than those using GPRS.

Value for your money will amount to little value for your money, when your friends are enjoying their decoder and you are out of action all because you are using GPRS mode. Sometimes, when using GPRS your channels freeze endlessly while those people using 3G modem is stable. 
As for CCcam you may not be able get connected to your CCcam account for days if you are using a GPRS and your account validity period will be running out.

Still on CCcam you may be at risk of getting banned if you are using GPRS to connect your CCcam on QSAT decoder separately from the fact that it may make your channels to freeze continuously.
You are limited to the IKS function of your QSAT so without you using a 3G network you will not be able to use the IPTV functions of your decoder. 

GPRS does cannot help proper troubleshooting if you are trying to troubleshoot internet connectivity troubles or general downtime related to server problems. If your QSAT immediately or lately stop functioning then the first thing you need to do is to try using a 3G modem on it prior to complaining at all. 
So these are the main reasons of purchasing 3G modem for the decoder and its benefits are endless with speed and efficiency. The entire control is upon using 3G through modem or device which supports it otherwise if you go below the quality and speed will become less. If you are a regular user then you must know the main difference between the speed and signals strength of 2G and 3G.

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