Here Tips and Tricks for nokia new phone N9 Meego and also other cell phone reviews. Everyone wants to try the updates and new features of their gadgets. Nokia N9 Meego is the outstanding phone but the bad part is that some people are deprived regarding its usage. This content will guide you to diminish your troubles that come across from trying to attain the very smartphone in your hands with the tips and tricks. People taking this phone a very ordinary phone but in fact this phone can be everything for you if you get to know its proper usage with highly useful shortcuts. Other than Nokia has launched many other phones that has a great sale in the international market as compare to other phones.

Check useful shortcuts and tricks to get your Nokia New Phone N9 Meego startedand keep you going:

Get Shortcuts Tips and Tricks for Nokia New Phone N9 Meego

If you want to change standby clock color in Nokia New Phone N9 you can change the standby color to something else instead of color such as greed, red, orange etc.
To unlock your phone double tap power button to unlock, you can do more than just this but on the other hand double tapping is also alright to unlock. This is actually for multipurpose as swiping off the lock screen single handed isn’t always that much simple.

Now if you are going to adjust the brightness control and disable auto-light sensor by yourself then Nokia New Phone N9 uses the light sensor by default to resolve the brightness of the mobile screen.
It changes the brightness automatically depending on ambient light level and you can’t simply fix it at the brightness you want forever. However, if you perform this mod, you will be able to always fix it at the certain brightness level and it will not use the light sensor at all. There is nap which is currently in the works that will allow you to make much finer changes than the 5 levels which is available in the Nokia New Phone N9 settings.

Now opening up a video player is a replacement app to the basic Video Player app that comes with N9. It has many features which the standard video player does not have. Such as continuous playback even when video is minimized / phone is locked, subtitle support, different list views with smaller thumbnails, additional playback controls for better seeking etc, playlist support etc. However, it is also missing some critical features at present such as the resume feature. Developer “Marxian” advised that he is currently working on this so I hope it will be implemented soon. This app is for those who play and watch lots of videos on the Nokia New Phone N9 mobile.

How to Enable Developer Mode for SSH Server/Terminal and more in Nokia New Phone N9

Enabled via Settings > Security >Developer mode > toggle Developer mode on – This will install some apps and the two major ones are SSH Server and Terminal app. Terminal app is what it is. It allows you to do a lot more than without. So it’s good to have. Nokia N9 is very much adebian Linux underneath its pretty Swipe UI.

SSH Server is installed and enabled by default. You can now SSH into your nokia cell phone N9 from your PC via WIFI network IP using a SSH client such as Tunnelier (freeware) for Windows. If you can’t login, try reading through this thread.

The placation VNC into your nokia cell phone N9 by using Net view is made by Nokia and allows you to remote VNC into your Nokia New Phone N9 and control your N9 via mouse and keyboard from your PC. You can browse the web, email, SMS etc on your N9 from your PC monitor. Mouse and keyboard response is very fast and it take off your N9 display perfectly. So what you see on the nokia cell phone N9, is what you get on your PC monitor through VNC.

With the “Call Recorder” built-in application records phone automatically calls on the nokia cell phone nokia N9 and Nokia N950.The audio is stored as 11,025 Hz 16bit PCM | 128kbit/s | WAV formats and you can experience one of the best sound quality and can save some precious talks in your phone without any installing the software online, other than this nokia cell phone N9 Meego tricks and tips are mentioned in detail if you still feel any problem then you can put your views and questions in our comments box below.  

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