The main function of Diseqc Switch:

Before you set Diseqc Switch you must know the main and useful function of it. It can be joined with more than two satellite on a decoder if you want to use it for multipurpose. If you launch more than one dish to view Multi TV or DaarSat without using of Diseqc Switch then you make sure that LNB (Low Noise Blocker) wire is unplugged from the back of the decoder and plug in the LNB wire of the related channel which you are willing to watch. Some decoders show their ports name as A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4. In some regions there are 2*1 and 4*1 diseqc switches, if you own two dishes in your residence then it will utilize two out of the four ports if the diseqc switches .

Easy Steps How To Setup A Diseqc Switch On Your Decoder

4 Way Diseqc Switch 

If you have up till now been using two dishes and you were able to watch two satellites on your decoder without you unplugging and re-plugging your lnb cable manually then just do a factory reset of your decoder or you just upgraded your decoder. Trying yourself for the first time will not affect anything harm but the result you are expecting can be different due to not following the instructions or understanding it. 

As a consequence of your advancement of your decoder, one satellite out of two satellite channels will be displaying bad signal. For example, your dst* is screening fine while your multitv / daarsat / mytv are showing bad indications. 
So if you have bought this box to your home then you must need to get the proper instruction before installing it, the steps mention below are simple and yet time saving.

Steps to set up Diseqc Switch:

First of all you need to locate the name “Diseqc” within your decoder other than this you will see diseqc settings right under the installation and Antenna setting of any decoder, now here are the core steps for the setup:

Step 1:

Put your thumb on the menu button on your remote and select the installation then select the antenna setting from the installation option and when if it asks to enter the password simple enter “0000”.

Step 2:

You will see the Diseqc Mode under the antenna settings and it’s OFF or just a blank by default settings, what you have to do is you have to make it ON and change into diseqc 1.0 by navigating on screen with remote button. You will see that your signal quality from the dish is zero if your diseqc on OFF mode and no such dish plugged into port. For your convenience diseqc switch outside is shown in the image below:

Step 3:

After enabling your diseqc switch you have to select the port that communicates with your dish or dishes outside. It is already discussed that that don’t get confuse with the alphabetic names or numerical names of the options i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, or A, B, C, D. The image below you can see.

Step 4:

Now in final step you have to do select the exact diseqc ports so that your signals status of the satellite can reflect to show you the accurate percentage. But if you have more than one dish then failure to setup your diseqc switch decoder will be incapable to save and scan any channel. But still you are failing to setup all these things then you can call decoder or satellite operator nearby for the better and confidence for you viewing on your TV.

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