Here Good And Bad Effects Of Cell Phones , Recent study explains the effects of cell phones we are using in our daily lives that it can have on our procreative procedure. Some of the people think that using cell phones is a waste of time as it grabs attention from your most important tasks and on the other hand some people are quite in favor of using this and admit it as an important tool of their lives. The electromagnetic radiation that release from the towers damages the sperm and can also suffer you with brain cancer, this is not enough because when you put your phone on your ears your eardrum can function but later you may also suffer from the hearing problems.

Cell Phones Good Effects

The Good And Bad Effects Of Cell Phones

But you need not to worry because scientists are working to overcome this problem to save the communication among people. An experiment has been done on the three groups of albino rats. The first group of rats was normal during and after experiment, the other group was exposed for sixty minutes a day for three months and the last group was exposed for thirty minutes a day for three months. Then the results they got from the two effected groups were that the group which was exposed for thirty minutes were not injured and the group which was exposed for sixty minutes, suffered from the damage of testis. Their hypospermatogenesis and maturation capture was identified in 18.75% of rats.

Study also says that the exposure to the radiation can put bad effect o leydig cells which can generate spermatozoa which can completely damage the method of spermatogenesis. Another experiment was done which showed that some of the parts which are related with the sperm generating procedure like seminiferous tubules and DNA.
We need to sort out this problem together to avoid any major disease to take place in our brain and ear or in any other part of our body. We must not stick to one call for more than one hour that can create a deep effect in us. Another option to avoid this is that you can turn on the speakerphone or if the talk is really personal you can hear the main things from the other person on call and rest of the things you can discuss through text messages. More researches are under process to prevent this deadly effect on human lives.

Other than this when you ask about the good effects that how it affects your official work than there is no other substitute than this. Everyone wants to buy a new cell phone once he or she is done using their phone for a long time. There are few tech savvy people who change their phone after a week or month just to experience and play well with the technology and new feature added in the smartphone. It’s true that cell phone assists us in lot of ways like to capture best moment through camera and can see your loved ones with video calling with the support of 3G and LTE internet for a good audio and video quality.

Students are taking full advantages from these smartphones, they collect their study notes for their projects and prepare them in less time no matter whether they are sitting in the library or in the home or in their friend’s house. All the cellular companies are responsible to spoil people by adding exciting new features every time they launch a new cell phone. Now every person poor to rich have cell phones and everyone is well aware of all the names of lading cellular companies in the world. 

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