Here New DCW Key Of CTH Thailand Pay Tv On Thaicom , Tv channel are , Fox Sports 2, Max Sports, Zee Nung, Cinema, 9 Yord, GMM Football Extra,RSU Wisdom TV .

New DCW Key Of CTH Thailand Pay Tv On Thaicom

Channel Name : CTH Thailand
Frequence  : 12522 V 30000
Satellite    : Thaicom 6 78.5°E
Date         : 28.12.2014
Key          : DCW Key

Channel Name : RSU Wisdom TV
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 001F

DCW Key: 962086AB7DAEF4418D172AF8F93AEB38

Channel Name : Fox Sports 2
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 0020

DCW Key: 149C264608464FCB7DD06748624E6016

Channel Name : Max Sports
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 0021

DCW Key: 6787FAC045A12E5FC78D1F083E76B5AD

Channel Name : Zee Nung
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 0022

DCW Key : 82F4268E9153C2F41B8263A4039B7EC0

Channel Name : Cinema
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 0023

DCW Key: 2CBE7107C65E1B53192FDFC8B8F95B6A

Channel Name : GMM Football Extra
CaID: 06A4
Service ID: 0025

DCW Key: 573C193D4156978CA504150A6C89B37F

Channel Name :  9 Yord
CaID: 06A4 
Service ID: 0024

DCW Key: 2CBE7107C65E1B53192FDFC8B8F95B6A

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