Nagravision is a company of Kudelski Group which is an international organizer in digital security and builds up digital content. CAM can be defined as “Conditional Access Module” which functions for satellite television and cable. It is collapsed in to three major divisions which are Public Access solutions, cyber security solutions and digital television. Its name is used for Nagravision encryption systems and the technologies which are utilized in a huge variety of services and applications involving rights management and access control. Below are the further details to understand the CAM Nagravision that its description unit is integrated into a receiver or other supported systems like satellite television on conditional access module emulator.

With the digital video broadcasting (DVB) conditional access system values are classified in the requirement documents for DVB-CSA (Digital Video Broadcasting-Common Scrambling Algorithm), DVB-CA (Digital Video Broadcasting-Conditional Access), and DVB-CI (Digital Video Broadcasting-Common Interface). The further specifications of DVB for CA are obtainable on all the websites regarding DVB. With access provided only to those with valid decryption smart cards. Explains a system through digital TV stream can be obfuscated.
This can be done by having a combination of encryption and scrambling and the data stream is scrambled by an eight byte key known as the control word. But the value of control word is comparatively small the reason is that it changes after every ten seconds. The DVB suggests physical process to consume this. These keys are produced randomly and automatically in a very specific method that specific values are not easily predictable. If you are willing to unscramble the data stream ten make sure that the current value of the control word and also you must be informed in advance while practicing to avoid any type occurrence of the interruption.
This type of encryption is always used to make control word safe when transmitting to the receiver after this the sub-system of conditional access in the receiver will decrypt the control word only when it is asked to perform that authority is sent to the receiver in the form of an entitlement management message (EMM). Some smart card based CA systems are used in the digital Nagravision system were overturned engineered by hackers over and over, to stop this the making of patched receivers and clone cards took place.
Every subscriber is well aware of EMM because it is recognized by a smart card in the receiver and is applied very less as compare to ECM after one or more than one month and sometime less than one month also. But wait, this is not enough to avoid illegal viewing because TPS has lowered this gap down of the duration about twelve minutes. But the good news is this that the control word can be transmitted through various ECM immediately. One of the DVB feature is “simulcrypt” which keep bandwidth save and supports multiplex operators to assist.
As CA is now being using in DVB systems many tools are required to get help from. The multiple formats and emulators of CAM Nagravision can read various formats of cards and decrypt a cooperated encryption system directly. The huge amount of system is running currently for DVB encryption which is totally opened and accessible to some of the points like Conax, Nagravision Mediaguard (v1) and Viaccess. 

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