Installation Guide of Satellite Dish

  Dish TV is a foremost and fastest rising satellite supplier in the world and having more than fourteen billion subscribers with both standard definition and high definition channels. Its packages price is very low along with cutting edge technology that gives a crystal clear sound and image to the viewers. Some of the satellites are very easy to install but nevertheless you must see the assembly instructions which are built-in with your dish in a hard copy. Here is the complete installation guide of satellite dish and this has been created with proper research of the variety of brands available in the market.

   This machine is of advanced technology and you must read all about tools that are required to fix it. There are many things will help you to set this machine only dish and box is not enough for your entertainment. Check with the product manual first before mounting it. The manual guide which is included with this machine has step-by-step instructions for the dish to be assembled. You need the following things:

    1- LNB
    2- Cable
    3- Pliers
    4- Hammer
    5- Socket set
    6- Cable clips
    7- Crimp tool
    8- Side cutters
    9- Stanley knife
    10- Screwdrivers
    11- The dish or reflector 
    12- Self Amalgamating Tape
    13- Mounting hardware like screws and bolts

    First of all you need to drill a hole in a wall, roof, deck or any strong surface to which you can attach it then align the dish at 28.2° degrees East of South make sure the direction you set is appropriate. Tall building and trees can create problems if they are too much to seen around you can use pointer apps from your smartphone or can use compass for the best line of sight to save your time. 

    Secondly you have to verify that whether you are setting up standard satellite dish or the elliptical multi satellite TV dish, for your information the standard dish has a diameter of 18 inches and on the other hand the elliptical dish measures 18x24 inches.

  The LNB has a clamp which will help to slide down over the pole to set in a proper position. When you are done with this, mount the pole as well as the foot assembly as mentioned in the guide. To make your pole in a very accurate position you can utilize plumb bob or a level to make it vertically or horizontally straight to locate the satellite signals.

    For the firm hold tighten the bolts but not make them tighten so hard so that later on it become so difficult for you to loosen up. After this by using the angle calculator set the dish elevation also.
Now run the cables from your digital receiver to the satellite dish and turn you satellite receiver on. When you enter the setup menu do not forget to place your digital device in t he signal or dish pointing mode. Take help from the manual instructions it will say same thing like to stand behind the satellite dish so that it can be shifted 3 degrees in the direction of the right.  Now check for the signal if it is not catching the signals move it the other side and keep moving all the possible directions to catch best signal quality between 75 and 100 on the receivers signal strength meter.

    Your satellite dish is installed now and you can sit back with your family, friends or alone to enjoy the high quality visuals and voice without any distortion. You will experience more than 350 channels of satellite TV programming which contains news channels, movie channels, sports channels, radio channels, game channels, weather channels, and not only this you can also use pay-per-view movies.

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