How To Configure Your Laptop Wifi With a Wifis Router

How To Configure Your Laptop Wifi With a Wifis Router

Friends here we discuss and learn how to use laptops WiFi as a WiFi Router.If u have only one internet connection in your laptop and one or more person wants to use internet,don't worry and be happy to lean this method.First off all u can turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot, if u have WiFi card option in your laptop.You can also turn your laptop into a WiFi router given below method. After this method u will be to share your internet with your lovers.You can also set a password of your own to prevent unauthorized access to your shared connection. To setup a virtual WiFi router on your laptop, follow these steps.For this processes first u need a software Virtual Router Plus and install in your laptop. It is a shareware and liberated to use. Moreover, the software is the least complicated to utilize and arranges a Wi-fi hotspot with your computer’s wifi greeting card within a min or two.

When u are finishing installation of software , launch it. U can see a new window will b opened, select your default internet connection in front of “Shared Connection” option.This should be the connection you use presently on your own laptop for obtaining the web. The software program will deliver the web from it. 
 On other hand , create a network name for your freshly getting created Wi-fi hotspot looking at “Network Name (SSID)” choice and key in a desired security password to the connection to protect it from unauthorized entry. After offering all particulars, click “Start Virtual Router Plus” option. The application will turn your Wifi credit card in to a wireless network router. While introducing the program, ensure that your laptop’s wireless card is installed properly and it is turned on.

Now search for your recently made WiFi hotspot in every other laptop or computer. You will see that your wi-fi system is now being shown. Get connected to it, provide you with the password that you have accessed although launching Virtual Router. As well as on your notebook, and have coupled to the world wide web. Now your friends all around you have access to the world wide web by way of your shared connection.

Friends i think this tutorial help u in connecting with WiFi of laptop, if u have any problem in this topic so comments me. 

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